1byone Antcloud Outdoor TV Antenna Review

1byone Antcloud Outdoor TV Antenna Review

NOTE: This model is currently not found on Amazon. You can however find its sibling product, the 1byone New Concept Series Omnidirectional TV antenna.

The 1byone Antcloud Outdoor TV Antenna has a sleek, ultra-modern design that’s unique among outdoor antennas.

A slightly larger and heavier version of the 1byone New Concept Series Omnidirectional TV Antenna, it offers a greater reception range than its smaller cousin.

And it has many of the same advantages: sturdy and weatherproof, you can mount it in a variety of environments and settings.

Like its cousin, it’s omnidirectional and picks up signals from all sides.

Its white coating and shape eschews the bulky and old-fashioned designs of traditional outdoor antennas, making it less noticeable when mounted on the side or top of a house.

Features and Benefits

Let’s start with form factors.

Weighing in at 3.89 lbs, the bell-shaped antenna has a plastic exterior (with bonded metal parts inside), as well as a flexible stand and mast clamp for mounting on poles or the sides of structures.

The smooth exterior provides a great wind profile — which stabilizes it during wind gusts for optimal reception.

Its size and weight also make it easy to rapidly set up at various places around the house.

The exterior is painted white and includes an anti-UV coating; the antenna is also water- and snowproof.

This product is suitable for those concerned about appearances, especially if homeowner association covenants limit the amount of customization you can do the exterior of a home.

The antenna is amplified with a built-in high-gain, low-noise preamplifier.

In most situations you’ll need this unless you’re located less than 10 miles from transmission towers, in which case an amplifier may distort an already strong signal.

Channel and Frequency Types

The Antcloud Outdoor TV Antenna receives both UHF and high and low VHF television signals, in addition to FM radio.

To use this antenna, you need either an HD-compatible television set or an external ATSC tuner or converter box.

The received picture can be up to full HD (1080p).


This product offers exceptional ease of installation. It pretty much comes with everything you need to set it up, such as a 26′ long coaxial cable.

As previously mentioned, the stand and U clamp with hand-tightened bolts are also included.

Some users have reported being able to install it on existing satellite dish infrastructure (i.e., mast and coaxial cable).

The length of the coaxial should be sufficient for a variety of use cases.

If you’re having reception problems you might want to purchase a separate RG6 cable and test the antenna with this, just in case.

Some customers have asked whether they could mount the antenna in their attic or inside their home.

In many situations, the antenna also works well indoors (its built-in preamplifier can boost TV signals weakened by interference or thick walls).

If your roof is made of metal however, 1byone recommends not installing it in the attic. You should instead try to place it at least 1 meter (about 3.3 feet) above the roof on a mast.

Also, be sure to test the antenna without plugging it in at first — you may receive adequate stations after doing a channel scan, especially if you’re located only a few miles from transmission towers.

Signal Reception

The nominal reception range is 75 miles, although the effective range for your location may vary due to electromagnetic interference (e.g., nearby streetlights or appliances in your home), or multipath distortions (e.g., signals bouncing off nearby buildings).

Of course, the higher you mount an antenna the better, as interference and distortions tend to lessen at higher altitudes.

For the best television reception it’s generally better to live closer to urban concentrations but some customers have reported full reception of high-quality pictures in areas of fringe reception, by mounting their Antcloud antenna on a very high mast.

Before buying any antenna, you should first check with a site like tvfool.com or DTV/maps to know where the nearest towers are located and their distances from your location.

This antenna is omnidirectional so you shouldn’t need to orient it or point it towards the towers you want to pick up, although 1byone does recommend you do this during installation in order to ensure maximal reception.

However, having to make tedious alignments to find the best orientation should not be an issue.


  • Modern, sleek design that discreetly blends in with many settings
  • Tools-free installation that includes a generous amount of coaxial cable
  • Sturdy and weather-resistant design


  • Blue light on the bottom of the antenna is activated when the preamplifier is on, and in some settings may be bright


The 1byone Antcloud Outdoor TV Antenna is easy to set up and has a reputation for just working once installed. It’s a reliable, long-range and omnidirectional antenna that has simple, aesthetic design appeal.

1byone produces some innovative antenna designs and offers a warranty period that’s longer than industry averages. If you have any problems or issues setting up the antenna, just email or call them. 

1byone Antcloud Antenna Manual

For those interested in technical details, here’s the antennas installation manual.





Coaxial cable length (feet)


Dimensions in inches (H x W x L)

11.8 x 11.8 x 11.4



Antenna range (miles)



Full HD (1080p)



Help & Support


2 years

Email support

Phone support

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