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Do I Need a Fire Stick for Each TV?

By Greg Martinez / October 24, 2022

An Amazon Fire TV Stick is a media player shaped like a USB stick that you plug into the back (HDMI port) of your television, which allows you to watch potentially thousands of movies and shows. If you haven’t bought one before, you might be wondering whether you need one for each television in your […]


How to Watch Sports Without Cable

By Greg Martinez / September 30, 2022

Technology is constantly changing how we can consume content. Many people are looking for alternatives to cable TV to save on costs. Some are worried about the availability of content,especially when it comes to sports and news. Sports have a huge viewership worldwide. If you’re a sports fan, you might be concerned aboutmaintaining access to […]


Do I Need a Roku if I have a Smart TV? (Not Really, BUT…)

By Greg Martinez / September 25, 2022

We all know smart TVs keep getting better and that manufacturers want to pack as many features as possible into one box. We also know that TVs these days ship with streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime for example. So do you need to attach an extra streaming player like a Roku to […]


What TV Has The Best Built-In Tuner

By Greg Martinez / September 20, 2022

A television uses an internal component called a tuner to convert TV signals from your over-the-air (OTA) antenna into pictures and sound. Since 2009, TV stations have been broadcasting television signals as compressed digital signals (complete with error correction), so tuners today are referred to as “digital” or “ATSC” tuners. If you’ve ever hooked up […]


Does a Roku Work On Older TVs? (Yes, It Can!)

By Greg Martinez / September 1, 2022

Do you still use an old tube TV? If so, you may wonder if you can connect modern devices to it, for the simple reason that most of today’s devices use HDMI, which your old TV may not have. But worry not. It’s likely you can still connect your old tube TV with a modern […]


Cat5, Cat6, Cat7 vs. Cat8: Which Cable is Right For You?

By Greg Martinez / June 22, 2022

Did you know the plain old Ethernet cable you use for connecting your cable modem and WiFi router is but one of several types? Ethernet cables have in fact come a long way since the 1980s and keep evolving to carry greater volumes of data at higher speeds. But yes, there are several different categories […]


HDMI ARC vs. Optical (Toslink) – Which is Better and Why?

By Greg Martinez / June 13, 2022

HDMI and optical are among the most practical ways available to establish a functional audio/video connection between devices. Most people find themselves stuck when deciding between these two technologies for their domestic or commercial uses. Your decision boils down to which devices you’ll connect to, the connection possibilities of the devices, and the video and […]


Ethernet Splitter vs Switch vs Hub – Which Do You Need?

By Greg Martinez / May 12, 2022

A common problem that a lot of people face is having too many Ethernet cables for too few ports on their networking device. Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow make the ports magically multiply to match your number of cables? The next best option is to use a splitter, switch, or hub. But […]


5 Ways You Can Get Local Channels without Cable

By Greg Martinez / May 10, 2022

Are you thinking of doing away with traditional cable TV? Or maybe you live in an area that does not have exciting cable company options. There are many reasons why one would want to enjoy local channels like Fox, CBS, and NBC without cable. The good news is that you can still catch your news […]


Is IPTV Legal?

By Greg Martinez / May 10, 2022

Never has there been so much content as today. From movies and TV series to news channels, live events, and shows, there’s always something new being introduced in the market. However, between work, school, and family responsibilities, we tend to miss the programs we like. Seeing how much content is out there, viewers are looking […]

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