Hi, and welcome to Long Range Signal. My name is Greg, and I’ve been an enthusiast of television antenna technology for years.

My day job is in corporate IT and I’m only too happy to bring over my technical knowledge for the benefit of helping cord cutters everywhere to find the best over-the-air (OTA) antenna for their needs.

I grew up with rabbit ears on our family television back in the 70s, and thought those days were gone for good with the advent of cable television in the 80s.

Over the decades I watched my cable bills steadily increase in cost, while the number of commercials between segments grew steadily upward. Before long, it seemed my cable programs had even more commercials than I remember from the good old OTA days.

About 10 years ago I finally ditched my cable subscription for an outdoor TV antenna and never looked back. I don’t get as many programs as with my cable subscription, but I never watched everything anyway, and the picture quality I get from the antenna is amazing.

This site provides a number of product reviews and articles explaining basic concepts such as installation and grounding. I’m always adding more, so feel free to check back here when looking for quality antenna information. You can also leave comments and suggestions, which helps me improve the site and serve you better.

If you have questions or comments, you can also reach me via the contact form.