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    How to Properly Use a Coaxial Cable Adapter

    By Greg Martinez / May 21, 2020

    It would be impossible to talk about a coaxial cable adapter without first discussing the vital role that cable connectors play in the entire set up. By “connectors” I mean F-connectors (shown below), which are those metal tips on the ends of coax cables. They could also be the metal ports on equipment like on […]


      Tips for Coaxial Cable Wiring

      By Greg Martinez / May 20, 2020

      Installing a flat coaxial cable or any other type of coax cable might seem like a straightforward task, and it is – for the most part anyway. Nonetheless, overlooking some seemingly minuscule issues at the point of installation might have far-reaching repercussions further down the line. Some of these issues may go unnoticed at first. […]


        How to Extend Your Coaxial TV Cable

        By Greg Martinez / May 19, 2020

        Picture this. You want to rearrange your living room to give it a fresh new look. The final piece of the puzzle involves moving your TV to the opposite side of the space to complete the makeover. You then realize that the coax cable is too short, effectively rendering the last several hours you spent […]


          The Best Multimeter 2020 | Our Recommendations

          By Greg Martinez / May 18, 2020

          Anytime you’re doing any type of electrical work, you always need to have a multimeter close by. Whether you’re installing a TV antenna in your attic or a ceiling fan in your living room, the best multimeter will let you know whether the wires you encounter are hot (live) or not. Multimeters are designed with […]


            My TV Says No Signal but Everything Is Plugged In

            By Greg Martinez / March 27, 2020

            It’s probably happened to you a few times. You’ve got the popcorn made and the drinks ready. You’re in your most comfortable clothing. Perhaps you’ve even invited a friend over. It’s the season premiere of your favorite show, and it’s been a long time coming. (Or what seemed like an eternity if you’re a Game […]


              How to Record TV Shows without a DVR

              By Greg Martinez / March 23, 2020

              Back in the prehistoric days of television, folks had to watch shows whenever the broadcasters wanted them to. If they missed the weekly episode of “I Love Lucy,” there wasn’t another chance until next summer’s reruns. This changed in the 1980s with the mass marketing of VCRs. Now people could record a show and watch […]


                Antennas Direct 8DXB Review

                By Greg Martinez / March 13, 2020

                Looking at this thing, the first word that comes to mind is “wow.” This wide-array 8DXB 8-Element Bowtie antenna likely won’t pick up alien signals but gives you strong reception of terrestrial TV stations nonetheless. This UHF receptor by Antennas Direct consists of four separate panels you assemble together; these are like separate antennas that […]


                  How to Install a TV Antenna in Your Attic

                  By Greg Martinez / March 12, 2020

                  You might have heard about people installing antennas in their attics and thought, “that sounds easy — why don’t I try that?” Well, yes antennas are installed in attics all the time. And in most cases they function well enough to receive most if not all TV signals at a location. But be aware there […]


                    How to Use RabbitEars to Get the Best Reception

                    By Greg Martinez / March 11, 2020

                    In the past I’ve recommended as a go-to source for finding nearby TV stations to point your antenna at. Today I want to tell you about a similar site that’s possibly better. It’s, and after reading this article you might want to add it to your list of fav TV websites. Now, RabbitEars […]


                      1byone New Concept Amplified Omnidirectional TV Antenna Review

                      By Greg Martinez / March 9, 2020

                      The 1byone New Concept Series Omnidirectional TV Antenna is one of those small and compact size antennas you can fit pretty much anywhere. Coming in at only a foot wide and weighing a pound, you can install this in different settings, from the side of your house to the top of an RV. It also […]

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