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3 Ways to Turn Your Laptop into a TV

By Greg Martinez / November 9, 2022

I’ve always separated work from pleasure, using my laptop for work and reading, and my television set for watching TV. But I’m going to show you a couple of hacks to turn your laptop into a TV. For most of these methods, you’ll need a PC laptop running some version of Windows.  You’ll also need […]


Why Did I Lose Channels on My Antenna?

By Greg Martinez / November 1, 2022

One day you’re watching TV and notice that a channel or two has disappeared for no apparent reason. TV reception problems on your antenna can be hard to diagnose, since unlike computer or car issues, you rarely see any message to explain sudden signal loss or degradation. One day the channel is there, and the […]


What Is the Difference between a UHF and a VHF Antenna?

By Greg Martinez / October 31, 2022

The main difference between a UHF and a VHF antenna is in the way it’s designed to each receive a specific frequency band: Nowadays TV antennas are rarely VHF only. Modern antennas will often receive some combination of both VHF and UHF — or they’ll be UHF only (the latter category includes indoor antennas). So […]


Who Can I Hire to Install a TV Antenna?

By Greg Martinez / October 26, 2022

By now you may have realized that installing a large TV antenna on the exterior of your home takes some planning and effort — in contrast to placing a little sleek flat-panel next to your TV and plugging it in for free channels. Maybe you’re not a DIY doyen who enjoys home improvement projects, or […]


How to Extend Your Coaxial TV Cable

By Greg Martinez / October 16, 2022

A coaxial cable is a type of cable (usually white) running down from your TV antenna to your television. It’s also used by the cable company to bring you cable TV and internet. There may be situations when you’ll want to extend a coaxial cable rather than just replace it with a longer one. For […]


10 Ways to Improve Your TV Reception

By Greg Martinez / October 9, 2022

Your TV antenna is receiving a few channels in crisp HD or 4K quality but you feel you could be getting more. How is it your neighbors are pulling in several more channels with their antenna than you are? You can do a couple of things to get better TV reception: you can change your […]


6 Causes of TV Antenna Interference That May Surprise You

By Greg Martinez / October 7, 2022

If you notice your TV channels disappearing one day, only to return later, then you’ve experienced interference of over-the-air (OTA) TV signals. Although interference manifests in only a few ways, like missing channels or a blank screen, the causes can be many. Broadly speaking, we can think about interference as originating from either outside or […]


Why Does My TV Say No Signal? Is it My Antenna? (Guide)

By Greg Martinez / October 2, 2022

One day you’re getting free, live television from a TV antenna and then the next day you’re not. But everything worked the day before. What happened? To identify the cause as quickly as possible, it’s necessary to first look at your TV and connected devices. If nothing’s found there, you should then proceed to inspect […]


How to Record TV Shows without a DVR

By Greg Martinez / September 27, 2022

Nowadays most recordings of live TV or streaming services (e.g., Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu) are done by DVR or a DVR service or cloud. And that’s fine, as long as you don’t mind renting a unit from the cable TV company and paying a fee for the privilege of recording TV channels with it. But […]

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