Best Indoor Antenna Amplifier

By Greg Martinez / August 25, 2020
best indoor antenna amplifier

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There was a time when an outdoor antenna was all we had. What was, and still is, so good about these antennas is their reception power and flexibility to place nearly anywhere outside your home.

To give yourself the best chance to get the clearest reception with an outdoor antenna, you should install your antenna as high off the ground as possible.

That’s why you sometimes see roofs with 20- or 30-foot poles jutting from the chimney.

Nowadays, however (and with the switch to digital HDTV broadcasts), indoor antennas are readily available.

The beauty of these antennas is they give you a chance to get excellent signal reception without the safety issues of rooftop installations.

The downside: you don’t get the height advantage that rooftop antennas offer. Plus indoor antennas must battle typical interference factors in the home, such as the walls of your house and devices emanating electromagnetic radiation.

To counter this disadvantage, manufacturers produce amplifiers for indoor antennas. By using one, you can improve signal quality and probably increase your number of local channels.

Below is a list of our preferred indoor antenna amplifiers.

Drill Top All-New Indoor HDTV Antenna Amplifier

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Excels At

  • Eliminating picture pixelation
  • Customer service from the manufacturer (24/7)
  • Reception range
  • Picture quality (4K enabled)

4K is here to stay, and if you want to enjoy your favorite programs in 4K 1080P quality while minimizing pixelation issues, then you should consider this Drill Top All-New Indoor HDTV Antenna Amplifier.

Designed with a claimed range of 80+ miles, this signal booster will help you capture almost every available channel within your locale. The beauty of it all is that it’s very easy to install with its simple plug and play approach. It also features a sleek design that compliments your home decor with a paper-thin and round shape that all but ensures it disappears in the background.

This is a high-tech indoor antenna amplifier and signal booster that not only looks the part but also does the job well. It does, however, have one major drawback: the process of scanning channels isn’t as straight forward and simplistic as most people would like it to be.

Other than that, it comes with excellent 24/7 customer support, affordable pricing and more than 80 miles of range. This promises to resolve any technical issues and you’ll be able to get more channels within your region.

Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Indoor Amplifier

Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amped Digital HD Indoor Amplified TV Antenna

Excels at

  • Ultra-clear picture with solid reception
  • Multi-directional amplification
  • Good range and reception
  • Durability

Winegard is one of the go-to brands when it comes to antennas. So it’s no surprise that the Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Indoor Amplifier is one of the best internal antenna amplifiers on the market today, and with good reason.

For starters, this is a multi-directional, long-range indoor amplifier that claims a 50-mile reach. The fact it’s multi-directional means you can get clear TV signals from many directions.

Moreover, it is “ultra-low noise” with only about 1 dB of noise compared to the typical 3 dB that comes with most antennas. This means not only does this promise strong and stable TV signals, but you should get them at a crystal clear level without noise interference.

Additionally, it’s 4K Ultra HD and receives both UHF and VHF signals in high definition. It also comes with a few more extra cables than most amplifiers, meaning you’ll need to do a bit of cable management when setting it up.

Other than that, it’s not bulky but flat and sleek, with a minimalist look that blends into the background.

RCA Digital Amplifier for Indoor Antenna

RCA Digital Amplifier for Indoor Antenna

Excels at

  • Preserving signal purity with ELN (Extremely Low-Noise) circuitry
  • Enhancing the performance of passive antennas
  • Filtering cellular signals

This RCA Digital Amplifier for Indoor Antenna is one of the most simplistic indoor antenna amplifiers on this list. Designed to simply “do the job”, this amplifier goes a long way in capturing local TV signals and improving their reception without using too much “modern gadgetry.”

However, as simplistically effective as it might be, it does have one particularly “new age” advantage that makes it worth your money: it comes with an LTE filter that should prevent interference from mobile frequencies, which could otherwise block your TV signals.

This makes it the perfect indoor antenna amplifier for people who live near cellular base stations.

Designed with the capability of getting up to eight local UHF broadcast channels and an impressive 35 digital TV stations, this amplifier is impressive.

It does, however, have one major drawback: its sensitivity levels aren’t as high as most other internal antenna amplifiers in the market today which kind of limits the number of channels you can get at your location.

It does, however, more than make up for that by giving you the clearest reception for the channels it does capture. It is the ideal amplifier for people who want to receive strong, stable, and clear TV signals without spending a fortune.

Mohu Jolt TV Antenna Amplifier MH-110569

Mohu Jolt TV Antenna Amplifier MH-110569

Excels at:

  • Filtering out RF signals that can hinder your picture quality
  • Compatibility with any non-amplified antenna

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the Mohu Jolt TV Antenna Amplifier MH-110569 is its attractive design. It features a small and clean design that blends into the background and decor of your home.

Don’t let the small design fool you, though. This is a powerful indoor antenna amplifier that offers you decent performance to enhance your HDTV antenna’s reception across the board.

Compatible with any non-amplified antenna, the Mohu Jolt TV Antenna Amplifier makes use of low-noise RF filtering that minimizes interference from other frequencies.

One of the biggest selling points is that it offers you two power options:

  • A USB alternative that plugs into the USB port on the back of your TV
  • An AC adapter option that plugs into the wall

GE Indoor TV Antenna Amplifier

GE Indoor TV Antenna Amplifier

Excels at

  • Increasing antenna signal strength and reception
  • Low-noise amplification
  • Easy installation and use

This GE Indoor TV Antenna Amplifier is about as simple as it gets. Designed to help enhance the strength of the signal being received by non-amplified indoor antennas, this booster will not only clear up pixelated pictures, but might also help you gain a few more.

Depending on the area you live in (the number of channels available) and the quality of your indoor antenna, adding this amplified to the connection can help increase the number of TV channels you get.

Apart from that, the amplifier does a very good job of improving your signal-to-noise ratio, thus more than compensating for the cable loss you might experience if you have a long cable run. It also improves UHF and VHF reception and even boosts the signals for your digital TV.

Additionally, it’s very easy to install, is quite affordable, and is designed specifically for indoor use.

What to Look for in an Indoor Antenna Amplifier

Much like you would when shopping for anything else, buying an antenna amplifier calls for some forethought and specific criteria if you’re to get value for money.

Here are some things you should be on the lookout for when shopping for the best indoor antenna amplifier for your home:

  • Ease of use: You need something that doesn’t call for a degree in rocket science to install and use. Ideally, your amplifier should be of the plug and play variety, making it as simple as possible to install and use.
  • Range: There may be free TV channels in your locale that you’re missing because your HDTV antenna doesn’t have the range to pick up. Adding an indoor antenna amplifier should help clear up the channels you do get, as well as pick up new ones.
  • Noise factor: The right amplifier should be able to reduce the overall amount of noise and even block mobile frequency interference to a reasonable degree.

Of course, other things come into play, such as price and design, but those are personal choice issues. The indoor antenna amplifiers featured in this guide are not only effective, but are also easy to use, and some might even give your antenna more range.

Eddie G. - September 22, 2020

Can I use an antenna amplifier for our antenna outside?

    Greg Martinez - September 23, 2020

    You can attach an amplifier to an outdoor antenna but only if you feel you’re not getting good reception. Otherwise you risk overloading your TV reception system with noise.

Lauri Waldorf - October 8, 2020

How much in miles is the boost for the Antenna Amplifier? I’m looking for 100 to 120 miles? Thanks

    Greg Martinez - October 9, 2020

    An amplifier won’t extend your antenna’s range – only boost the reception of TV channels you’re already getting.

Saleel - December 3, 2020

Will an antenna amplifier works on a very old TV? Thanks!

    Greg Martinez - December 4, 2020

    An amplifier works only with an antenna, and yes they generally work with any antenna. Whether it’s appropriate for your reception depends though on whether you’re getting weak reception to begin with.

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