1byone New Concept Series Omnidirectional TV Antenna Review

1byone New Concept Series Omnidirectional TV Antenna Review

If you’re looking for a small and compact outdoor antenna you might consider the 1byone New Concept Series Omnidirectional TV Antenna. Coming in at only a foot wide and weighing a pound, this antenna can be installed in a wide variety of places, from the side of your house to the top of an RV.

It has 360 degree reception, and is designed to pick up signals from all sides. This added convenience means you don’t need to rotate it (either manually or via remote control) to pick up different stations. This is especially convenient if the broadcast transmitters where you live are more than 180 degrees apart.


For starters, the New Concept Series TV Antenna has an aesthetic, futuristic design, and is nearly unnoticeable in different settings around the house. Its all-white color makes it not only a discreet ornament, but also features an anti-UV coating that protects the hardware from the harsh rays of the sun.

An added benefit of this antenna’s shape and small size, which is rarely mentioned in reviews, is the reduced wind load it offers. As the manufacturer says, this should contribute to better signal reliability on windy or rainy days. The reduced drag also makes it perfect for mounting it on a motor vehicle or boat.

Although it’s definitely an outdoor antenna (1byone markets it as being both water- and snowproof), users have reportedly used it indoors as well, with some mounting it in the attic, or in a room next to a window.


Although no mounting pole is included, the antenna comes with a stand and mount clamp (which would require a mounting pole with a diameter of 2 and 1/4 inches). However, you wouldn’t necessarily attach it to a mast; the clamp allows mounting on a number of other types of surfaces such as flat walls or balcony rails.

It also boasts tools-free installation; the mount clamp relies on wing nuts that can be easily tightened or untightened by hand. Personally I find this to be a convenient feature of the antenna, as it allows relatively easy mounting and dismounting, especially if you’re installing it in a temporary setting.

The antenna comes with a built-in preamplifier and so the package includes a power supply. If desired, you can paint the antenna another color without affecting reception.

Regarding omnidirectionality: some users have reported they must carefully point the antenna in the direction of towers to improve reception. This would suggest the antenna is not truly omnidirectional. However the majority of reviewers have not reported this issue and on the contrary endorse the antenna’s 360-degree reception.

Another possible issue with reception has reportedly been the supplied coaxial cable. I’ve got to say, this is unfortunately an all-too-common problem with many antennas that come with a coax, which in some cases is of poor quality.

In fact, the coax cable you’re able to buy is often of better quality and so if you experience issues you may want to get your own coaxial cable — make sure it’s RG6 and quad shielded to minimize electromagnetic interference.

Lastly, the manufacturer disclaims the need to ground the antenna. Certainly this product’s physical profile offers a minimal surface area with little possibility of a direct lightning hit.

However, there are other reasons (both safety-related and legal) to ground an outdoor antenna and I’d definitely recommend it as a best practice (even if only with a coaxial grounding block like the iMBAPrice Single 2.5GHz F-Pin).

Channel and Frequency Types

The antenna offers modern digital picture quality — full HD (1080p). It receives both high and low UHF and VHF signals, in addition to FM radio.

Reception & Directionality

The antenna is rated for 60 miles, meaning in theory you should be able to adequately pick up signals from towers at a maximum distance of 60 miles away.

However the antenna’s effective range may differ greatly from this theoretical number, and sometimes when buying an antenna you may be surprised by getting either more channels than expected (from towers farther away than the antenna’s stated range), or less channels from towers closer than this range.

This unfortunate fact of antenna life is due mainly to interference caused by your environment or geography. Tall trees or mountains along the antenna’s line of sight to the transmission towers, or electromagnetic interference caused by public street lamps are all examples of obstacles that can affect reception.

Therefore a good rule of thumb when purchasing an antenna is to halve the stated range on the antenna’s box, and see whether the halved range is still sufficient for the towers you’re targeting. If not, you might consider buying an antenna with greater range.

Another useful guideline is the higher you place your antenna, the better the reception will be. Placing it on a mast above your roof will provide better reception than placing it in your living room, generally speaking.


  • Small and lightweight, offering tools-free installation
  • Receives OTA broadcasts from all sides (omnidirectional)
  • Aesthetic features that are designed to blend in with surroundings
  • Preamplifier comes with AC adapter in case television doesn't have USB port


  • Shorter range than other antennas and not suitable for those living in areas of fringe reception
  • Omnidirectional antennas are generally pricier than their directional counterparts


If you’re looking for a relatively short-range solution that’s easy to set up and blends in with its surroundings, then you should consider the 1byone New Concept Series Omnidirectional TV Antenna. The amplified antenna receives both UFH and VHF signals, along with FM radio transmissions.

It’s built with materials meant to withstand windy and rainy days, snow season, and other tough weather conditions.

If you live in an area where the closest towers are relatively far apart from each other, the omnidirectionality of this antenna is helpful. The built-in preamplifier is not only useful for picking up transmissions from distant towers, but also for overcoming interference when placed in indoor spaces.





Coaxial cable length (feet)


Dimensions in inches (H x W x L)

11.69 x 11.69 x 8.27



Antenna range (miles)



Full HD (1080p)



Help & Support


2 years

Email support

Phone support

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