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Ethernet Splitter vs Switch vs Hub—What’s the Difference?

By Greg Martinez / October 8, 2020

Your small home network may be fine for a couple of years, but as you add more devices and possibly other networks, you may consider expanding it (if you’ve got the technical chops!). But how exactly to do so: by using an Ethernet splitter, a hub, or a switch? Granted, all these alternatives offer the […]


Network Cables—Cat6 vs Cat8 vs Cat5: Complete Guide and Reviews

By Greg Martinez / October 7, 2020

Have you ever researched cabling and come across weird terminologies like, “Cat6 Ethernet cable,” or Cat8 Ethernet cable,” and wondered what it all means? The good news is that you’re not alone. Unless you’re familiar with computer networking or internet connections, or work at a telco, there’s a good chance you won’t be familiar with […]


Optical vs HDMI—Which Should You Be Using?

By Greg Martinez / October 5, 2020

Imagine this: you’ve just purchased a state-of-the-art home theater system that’s guaranteed to give you the movie theater experience. You want to connect it to your big screen TV to complete the set up. But you’re in a dilemma; both gadgets have optical and HDMI ports, and you want to get the most out of […]


DVI vs VGA—What’s the Difference and Which is Better?

By Greg Martinez / October 4, 2020

If you’re upgrading to a bigger external monitor or TV, you might want to check out the different ports on the back of that device and compare those to the ones on your TV. The goal is to decide which one is most suitable to attach your devices in order to properly convert signal types. […]


How To Get Free TV Channels Without An Antenna

By Greg Martinez / October 2, 2020

With new shows and movies coming out every day on dozens of different platforms, it’s safe to say we’re living in a golden era of entertainment. However, the amounts you have to pay to watch content in the “old school” way have never been higher. Basic cable packages hover around the $40 mark, and if […]


Roku Parental Controls: A Primer

By Greg Martinez / October 1, 2020

To save money on high cable bills, many turn to Roku technology for connecting their TVs to streaming services. Roku offers a good value proposition: the devices are relatively inexpensive and allow those with older televisions that lack Smart TV capabilities to quickly and easily connect to their favorite streaming channels. For some members of […]


How Does Apple TV Work

By Greg Martinez / September 23, 2020

From the name you might guess that Apple TV is a television set manufactured by Apple. After all, they build phones, pads, and laptops; why not TVs? But, as you may already know, it’s not a television at all. Nor is it a piece of software or a streaming service, though it’s related to all […]


Do I Need a Fire Stick for Each TV?

By Greg Martinez / September 9, 2020

Do you subscribe to a streaming service for TV shows? If you do, you’re not alone. According to a survey conducted by Statista, about 62 % of American adults report that they or someone in their household subscribes to a steaming service to access TV or movies online. The same research found that one of the […]


Is IPTV Illegal?

By Greg Martinez / September 7, 2020

You may have a friend or in-law who’s always bragging about watching sports, movies, and other TV content while paying very low subscription fees or virtually nothing (perhaps coupled with a VPN service for anonymity). Rather than getting the content from cable, satellite TV, or the old-fashioned way—with an over-the-air antenna—they’ve likely found a streaming […]


Quick Tips for Mirroring to a Samsung TV

By Greg Martinez / August 23, 2020

Mirroring the screen of your Samsung smartphone to your Samsung Smart TV is a convenient way to keep watching content without missing a beat. This permits you to share your screen with those around you and even decide just how much they can see. The mirroring technology for Samsung TV is also incredibly simple to […]

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