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How To Use A TV As A Computer Monitor

By Greg Martinez / December 6, 2020

Using a TV as a computer monitor can be a viable solution for those often hunched over their laptop and hurting their neck. Maybe you’ve built a new PC and want to save some money on the monitor. Or perhaps you want a larger or a second screen to make multitasking easier. Regardless, repurposing an […]


Do I Need A Roku For Each TV?

By Greg Martinez / December 3, 2020

Getting the right smart device is the first step to becoming a cord cutter. You’ll no longer need to worry about paying hard-earned money for overpriced cable TV channels every month! Roku is the streaming device of choice of many cord cutters. However, if you have multiple TVs in your home, cord cutting can get […]


Do I Need a Roku If I Have a Smart TV?

By Greg Martinez / November 21, 2020

What do we mean when we talk about a Smart TV? And how is that different from what a Roku streaming device offers? When you think about it, HDTVs have been getting “smarter” for decades. Today’s remote control has become more sophisticated, while on-screen channel guides are more informative, and the number of channels available […]


What Is an Optical Cable Adapter—Reviews and Guide

By Greg Martinez / October 18, 2020

Who can claim we’re currently not living in the digital age, where we use our cellphones, TVs, and computers to communicate on a daily basis? These gadgets are convenient precisely because they process data in one form or another. But due to our technological evolution, most of the data floating around is still analog. In […]


The Best Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

By Greg Martinez / October 16, 2020

Do terms such as “extender balun” and “distance limitation” draw a blank? These are the kinds of terms relating to traditional copper HDMI cables instead of the best fiber optic HDMI cable. Before fiber optic cables came out, one of the only options as far as connecting HDMI-compatible devices were conventional HDMI cables made out […]


Fiber Optic Cable Types—Complete Guide

By Greg Martinez / October 9, 2020

As science unearths new and better ways to do things with technology, it’s only logical to do things differently. Let’s take copper wire for instance. It’s the go-to means of signal transmission. Where such wires used to be irreplaceable, today they’re being switched out for fiber optic cable types that can do so much more, […]


Optical vs HDMI—Which Should You Be Using?

By Greg Martinez / October 5, 2020

Imagine this: you’ve just purchased a state-of-the-art home theater system that’s guaranteed to give you the movie theater experience. You want to connect it to your big screen TV to complete the set up. But you’re in a dilemma; both gadgets have optical and HDMI ports, and you want to get the most out of […]


DVI vs VGA—What’s the Difference and Which is Better?

By Greg Martinez / October 4, 2020

If you’re upgrading to a bigger external monitor or TV, you might want to check out the different ports on the back of that device and compare those to the ones on your TV. The goal is to decide which one is most suitable to attach your devices in order to properly convert signal types. […]


How To Get Free TV Channels Without An Antenna

By Greg Martinez / October 2, 2020

With new shows and movies coming out every day on dozens of different platforms, it’s safe to say we’re living in a golden era of entertainment. However, the amounts you have to pay to watch content in the “old school” way have never been higher. Basic cable packages hover around the $40 mark, and if […]


Roku Parental Controls: A Primer

By Greg Martinez / October 1, 2020

To save money on high cable bills, many turn to Roku technology for connecting their TVs to streaming services. Roku offers a good value proposition: the devices are relatively inexpensive and allow those with older televisions that lack Smart TV capabilities to quickly and easily connect to their favorite streaming channels. For some members of […]

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