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    How to Watch Local Television Online For Free

    By Greg Martinez / January 19, 2020

    Key Takeaways… Local stations offer content for free on their websites and apps. These are seldom live streams, however, but mostly curated clips of past news, weather, and sports. Prime time shows carried by local stations are behind paywalls but accessible with free trials. There are some good options for watching free local television online, […]


      What Frequency Is Digital TV Broadcast On?

      By Greg Martinez / January 15, 2020

      Seems like everything’s digital these days, and television’s no exception. But just what does it mean when we say, “digital television (DTV)?” After all, you still get the same kinds of programs you did in the analog days (i.e., pre-2009), and you can still pick up over the air (OTA) radio frequency waves with the […]


        Atmospheric Conditions Affecting TV Reception

        By Greg Martinez / January 2, 2020

        Stormy weather makes for a great time to stay indoors and watch TV. But will TV signal problems invariably crop up when you’re watching over the air (OTA) channels with an outdoor antenna? Poor TV Reception in Bad Weather Weather can indeed affect your reception. Heavy rain, high winds, and high pressure systems all have […]


          What Is the Difference between a UHF and a VHF Antenna?

          By Greg Martinez / December 18, 2019

          Congratulations – you decided to get an HDTV antenna as part of your cord cutting endeavors. Your new antenna will pick up local channels that the major networks broadcast on. These are the ones that may not be available on your streaming services but are free and over the air (OTA) for anyone with an antenna. […]


            Can You Have Cable Internet and an Antenna on the Same Cable?

            By Greg Martinez / December 16, 2019

            These days, the idea of being without internet service seems almost comical. (See “Miracle Teenager Survives on His Own for Almost 6 Hours With No Wi-Fi.”) It’s not just teenagers. Most of us are “internet enabled” in our personal and professional lives. At the same time, we’re also busy trying to cut the cord with […]


              Why Did I Lose Channels on My Antenna?

              By Greg Martinez / December 11, 2019

              If you’ve cut the cord on cable and now get some of your programs on over-the-air (OTA) television with an antenna, you could be in for the following surprise: One evening you sit down in your favorite chair and tune in to your can’t-miss show, only to find that the show suddenly isn’t there. In […]


                How to Make a TV Antenna from a Satellite Dish

                By Greg Martinez / December 9, 2019

                Cable subscribers looking for more affordable options for watching television are turning to an HDTV antenna to receive free sports, news, and content over the air. But what if you’re a satellite TV customer (like DirectTV)? Is it harder then to cut the cord? After all, you’ve already got a dish located on your home. […]


                  Which Direction Should a TV Antenna Face?

                  By Greg Martinez / December 1, 2019

                  So your HDTV antenna has arrived and you’ve spotted the ideal place for it on your roof. But how and where do you aim the thing? Trust me, it’s actually not complicated. It’ll just depend on where your home is located and which local channels you’re looking to receive. Read on to find out how […]


                    Will an Antenna Work on a Smart TV?

                    By Greg Martinez / November 29, 2019

                    Suppose you’ve cut the cable (or are about to), and realize that your streaming services don’t include all the local stations. Maybe you aren’t ready to give up watching regional news or seeing network shows when they first air. The answer may be a TV antenna. After all, they’re still around, bringing in the same […]


                      Do Old TV Antennas Still Work?

                      By Greg Martinez / November 28, 2019

                      The United States completed its transition from analog to digital signals for TV broadcasts over a decade ago. Local TV stations still broadcast these signals over the air (OTA), although the digital format requires a TV to have a digital tuner to properly display the broadcast. However, an old indoor antenna such as a rabbit […]

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